Fall is here and with it brings an abundance of fresh local produce. The usual’s such as apples, artichokes, beets and broccoli are plentiful. We are excited to have additions such as fennel, cranberry, figs, and lemongrass to accent our sauces and side dishes.

From San Mateo,  Redwood City,   Burlingame, to Half Moon Bay our delivery vans are equipt to transport our tasty meals to our customers. Seeing our clients offices decorated with pumpkins, gourds and fall leaves reminds me of the holidays are right around the corner. My favorite time of year!!

Start up Companies in Silicon Valley

We are very excited about the positive feedback we are getting from our Silicon Valley ‘start up’ companies.  Our weekly menus are well received with a variety of hot meals to choose from . Fresh salads and cut fruit trays are a great addition using only the freshest ingredients. Our selection of pre made gourmet sandwiches are a hit and change monthly. Our new customers are excited about our competitive prices that we offer which includes delivery and set up.



Spring is right around the corner with March bringing in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Pears, Caracara oranges, kumquat, asparagus, sugar snap peas and chokes will help us introduce new flavors to your plate. Even with extreme weather conditions  our daily lunch deliveries to Mountain View, Foster City, Half Moon Bay, Redwood City and here in San Mateo are always on time.



I think its great that we have our catering kitchen in San Mateo . We are centrally located and can deliver to most any where from San Francisco to Mountain View within 20 minutes. Catering and delivering lunches in San Mateo is even better 0f course. Many companies and corporations such as Oracle, Ring central, and Home depot have deliveries by us and the convenience of being so close also ensures top quality, fresh food.

Lunch Deliveries in Bay Area

I think it is great when a plan comes together. We have deliveries for lunch going to Mountain View, South San Francisco, San Mateo, Burlingame and Half Moon Bay.

We delivered our Cinco De Mayo meal today which was lots of fun. Most corporations like to order  meals for their employees for special days like today. Our small office in San Mateo had provided dessert to go with our menu and The Mountain View group Had Margaritas!!!



Delivering throughout the bay area, I had my concerns about how many vehicles we may have to purchase. To my surprise, we have 5 that seem to be working perfectly…so far.

Most of the time, 2 deliveries can go in one vehicle depending on promised time of delivery.  A Redwood Shores delivery at 12 and a Redwood City delivery at 12:45 can go together. Our Mountain view delivery and Palo Alto delivery works out great as well. We have also been able to take only one vehicle to our San Francisco client where as before we needed 2 vehicles to transport everything.

With the proper equipment to keep the hot meals at a safe temperature and cold food wrapped in cold packs, delivering is a breeze.


Well, finally the first day of summer has arrived. The new arrival of plumcots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, blueberries, herbs, arugala, zucchini, kohlrabi & avocado are in. Our grilled items and fresh light salads will hit the menu board, as well as our comfort food favorites such as fried chicken.

Our Clients in Daily City are requesting Jerk Chicken and  Asian to keep it light during their health fair, while our South San Francisco  and Mountain View clients want” make your own tacos”.

Our Redwood city client likes a Deli Buffet once a week and we are glad to deliver to them 2 homemade soups to round off the meal

Our goal is to keep the menus exciting and full of variety!!


While our bay area lunch delivery service is growing steadily, I have thought about how we have acquired new customers. Some of them have tried or have been using other lunch delivery services and have found that it does not meet the needs of the group or too much time is being spent trying to order.

We are glad that we are able to offer another alternative to the daily lunch deliveries for business’s in the bay area.

Bay Area Lunch Deliveries

Delivering our daily meals to Bay Area based customers, old and new, I realized, that we are very centrally located. Seems like deliveries to San Leandro, Fremont, San Francisco, Mountain View, or Daly City, were all within 25 minutes from our kitchen. so lucky!


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